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Piano Trio盤あれこれ(ピアニスト名順)

 - A -
ケイ赤城 1992.12: Asian American Jazz Trio
Monty Alexander 1976.06: Live at the Montreux Festival
choice1979.08: Live at the Concord '79/ Ray Brown(ライブの楽しさ)
1981.05: Fingering/ Shelly Manne
1985: Full Steam Ahead
Mose Allison choice1957.03: Back Country Suites
Chris Anderson 1998: You Don't Know What Love Is(渋いピアノ)
George Arvanitas choicechoice1958.09: 3 A.M.(欧州でも)
Round about Midnight
1959.10: Cocktail for Three
1997.10: Rencontre
2000.04: Little Florence
Franck Avitabile 1998.01: In Tradition

 - B -
Kenny Barron 1978.01: Tokudo/ Buster Williams
1982.06: Imo Live(秀逸な日本制作盤)
choice1983.07: Green Chimney(朝日のように、、、)
1989.01: Talking/ Red Mitchell
1990.03: The Artistry of
choice1991.08: The Moment(大人気盤)
1994.01: Jazz, My Romance/ Ron Carter
choice1996.04: Trio Live at Bradley's (1)(最近の収穫)
choice1996.04: Trio Live at Bradley's (2)(これも出来が良い)
1998.01: So What/ Ron Carter
2002.05: Love Letters/ Roy Haynes
Jos van Beest 1993.02: Because of You(丁寧なタッチ)
2001.08: Everything for You
Richie Beirach choice1974.11: Eon(邦題「ナーディス」)
1981.05: Elegy for Bill Evans
1995.06: My Foolish Heart/ George Mraz
1999.06: What Is This Thing Called Love
Don Bennett 1994.08: Solar
Walter Bishop Jr. choicechoice1961.03: Speak Low(ベースにも参った)
1963.10: Summertime(コレも見落とさずに)
Paul Bley 1985.12: My Standards
Joanne Brackeen choice1993.06: Take a Chance
Ronnell Bright 1956.09: Bright's Spot(この辺にも目配りを)
Alan Broadbent choice1995.01: Pacific Standard Time
Ray Bryant choicechoice1957.04: Trio(正に珠玉のような)
1959.09: Jo Jones Trio(これも忘れずに)
choice1959.10: Ray Bryant Plays(これも良い盤)
1975.10: Hot Turkey
1978.04: All Blues
1994.11: Double RB(Bryant + Brown = 2RB)
Rahn Burton 1992.06: The Poem(Roland Kirk)
Jaki Byard 1962.01: Hi Fly(一寸他にはない)
1961.03: Here's Jaki(お口直しに)

 - C -
George Cables 1980.02: Some of My Favorite Things
1991.03: Cables Fables
1991.05: Night and Day
1995.04: Skylark
Joey Calderazzo 1992: The Traveler(新人類か)
Bill Charlap 1997.12: All through the Night
2001.06: Blues in the Night
Cyrus Chestnut 1993.04: Another Direction/ Cyrus Chestnut
Billy Childs 1996.01: The Child within
2000.03: Bedtime Stories
Joe Chindamo 1993.09: The First Take
2000.08: The Joy of Standards
Sonny Clark 1955.01: Oakland,1955(初期の貴重な記録)
choicechoice1960.03: Trio(TIME)(間然、隙が無い)
choicechoice1957.09: Trio(BN)(何とも味わい深い)
Johnny Coats Jr. 1955: Portrait(Keithの先生とか)
Gil Coggins 1990.12: Gil's Mood(昔の名前で)
Nat King Cole choicechoice1943: Vocal Classics and Instrumental Classics(ポップスの世界でも名をなしたが、ジャズでも粋なプレィに人気があります)
Marc Copland choice2001.04: Haunted Heart and Other Ballads(独特の味が人気)
Chick Corea choicechoice1968.03: Now He Sings, now He Sobbs(チック登場)
2005.04: Super Trio
Stanley Cowell choice1990.08: Close to You alone(コレも良い)

 - D -
Walter Davis Jr. choice1989.06: Scorpio Rising(負けずに豪腕)
Brian Dickinson choice1992: Brian Dickinson(美音)
1994.08: Live at the Senator
Gene Dinovi 1991: How Beautiful is Night
Niels Lan Doky choice1993: Misty Dawn(北欧の霧)
2001: Casa Dolce Casa(イタリアの香り)
Dorothy Donegan 1963: Live at Hollywood's Living Room(女性弾き語り)
Wray Downes 1996.03: In Good Company/ Charlie Biddle
Kenny Drew 1956.09: Trio(お目見え)
choice1974.05: Dark Beauty(この人も欧州で活躍)
1974.05: If You could See Me now(正に絶好調)
1991.06: Evergreen(晩年の路線ではコレ)
Louis van Dyke 1979: Nightwings

 - E -
Duke Ellington 1962.09: Money Jungle/ Duke Ellington(重厚、というのか)
Bill Evans 1956.09: New Jazz Conception(羽化前の巨人)
1959.01: On Green Dolphin Street(出来合いのトリオながら、、、)
choicechoice1959.12: Portrait in Jazz(ジャズピアノの最高峰)
choicechoice1961.02: Explorations(この路線が完成)
choicechoice1961.06: Waltz for Debby(女性専科、と言われ過ぎ)
choice1961.06: Sunday at the Village Vanguard
choice1961.06: The Complete Live at the Village Vanguard 1961
1962.05: Moon Beams(LaFaro喪失の痛手から再起)
1962: Empathy + A Simple Matter of Conviction(ヴァーブのトリオ)
1964: Live
choice1963: Trio 64(エヴァンス中期の好演)
choicechoice1965.01: Trio 65(ヴァーブでの最高傑作)
1966.03 - 1975.01: The Secret Sessions: Recorded at the Village Vanguard 1966 - 1975(10年にもわたる貴重な私的録音)
choicechoice1968.06: At the Montreux Jazz Festival(エヴァンスもので一番のヒット)
1970.06: Montreux II(Gometzとの連携も完成)
1974.08: Blue In Green(見落とせないカナダでのライブ)
1977.05: I will Say Goodbye(標題が何か、、、)
1976.11: The Paris Concert
1979.09: Live in Buenos Aires 1979
1979.11: Paris Editon 12(晩年相性が良かったパリで)
choicechoice1980.06: Turn out the Stars, Final Village Vanguard Recordings, June 1980(白鳥の歌)
1980.09: Consecration- The Last/ Bill Evans
Orrin Evans 2001.01: Blessed Ones

 - F -
Massimo Farrao 2002.03: Cobb Is Back in Italy/ Jimmy Cobb
Clare Fisher choice1962: First Time out
Tommy Flanagan choice1957.08: The Complete Over Seas(これでお目見え)
choicechoice1976.01: Sugar Roy/ Roy Haynes(美音)
1977.02: Eclypso(これで再認識)
1978.01: Something Borrowed, Something Blue
1980.02: The Standard(サイドメンばかりじゃなく)
choice1980.02: Super Session(そろそろエンジン全開で)
1982.02: Giant Steps(小気味良いスィング)
choice1983.06: Milestones(豪腕ねじ伏せ勝ち)
1990.04: Beyond the Bluebird
1993.04: Flanagan's Shenanigans
1996.03: Sea Changes
Russ Freeman 1953: Russ Freeman/ Richard Twardzik Trio(山椒は小粒で、、、)
Don Friedman 1962.05: Circle Waltz(ピアノも進化する)
Larry Fuller 1998.08: Easy Walker

 - G -
Hal Galper 1989.04: No method/ Bill Goodwin
Red Garland 1957.03: Red Garland's Piano(ボクサー上がりでも)
choicechoice1957.05: Groovy(ピアノの決定盤)
1958.04: Manteca(コンガ入り)
1959.10: At the Prelude Vol 1
1962.03: Solar(これもなかなか)
Erroll Garner 1944.11: Bowin' Singin' Slam/ Slam Stewart(アドリブとハミングのユニゾンは専売特許)
1955: Immortal Concerts
Lorraine Geller 1954: At the Piano(冒頭から惹きこまれる)
Joe Gilman 1991: Treasure Chest(コレも捨てがたい)
Eddie Gradden 1980.01: Perpetual Stroll/ Rufus Reid(美音)

 - H -
Joe Haider 2001.04: A Magyar
Al Haig 1965: Today
Sadik Hakim 1977.06: The Resurgence
Tardo Hammer 2000.05: Somethin' Special
Herbie Hancock 1977.07: Third Plane/ Ron Carter
1981.07: Trio
Roland Hanna 1963: Easy to Love(趣味の良さなら)
choice1975: When You Wish upon a Star(From the Bottom of My Soul)
choice1978.08: Lover, Come back to Me
1987.08: Persia, My Dear/ Richard Davis
1996.04: 3 for all/ John Burr
Barry Harris choice1960.05: At the Jazz Workshop(出世作)
choice1960.12: Preminado(堂々の本線ジャズ)
1991.12: In Spain
1996.10: First Time Ever(同上)
Gene Harris 1970.03: Live at the 'IT' Club(楽し系)
1984.08: Soular Energy/ Ray Brown
Hasaan 1964.12: The Max Roach Trio(こういう人も居る)
Hampton Hawes 1953.05: Charles Mingus Trios(この人の原点)
choice1955.06: Vol. 1(バップ第2世代の名演)
choicechoice1955: Vol. 2(Nelson一押し)
1956.01: Vol. 3(ワニの馬さん)
1956.01: Bird Song(最近の発掘もの)
choice1956.11: All Night Session(絶好調)
choice1964.02: Green Leaves of Summer(グッと新味がある)
1966.04: I'm All Smiles(後期盤中の白眉)
David Hazeltine 1988: After Hours
choice1996.08: The Classic Trio(現時点の標準)
Gilles Hekimian 1977.06: Equilibres
Fred Hersch 1994.02: Trio Plays
Antoine Herve 1999.09: Cornerstone
John Hicks choicechoice1990.05: Power Trio(豪腕満腹)
choice1990.07: Softly as in a Morning Sunrise(満腹系)
1997.06: Cry Me a River(歌伴をやっただけあって)
Eddie Higgins choice1997.06: Haunted Heart
1997.06: Bewitched
Earl Hines choicechoice1966.01: Here Comes(老骨とはとても思えない)
本田竹廣 1972.04: This is Honda/ (グワーン、と来る)
Elmo Hope 1955.07: Meditations
John Horler choice1993.05: Lost Keys/ (英国紳士)

 - I -
市川秀男 1967.10: Page One/ ジョージ大塚(市川さんもやる)
今田勝 choice1976.10: The Standards(小粋なスィング感)
1982.11: Songs on My Mind
板橋文夫 choicechoice1976.03: Toh(濤)(デビュー盤)
1976.03: 板橋文夫アンソロジー: Watarase(デビュー盤も含むアンソロジー)

 - J -
Pim Jacob 1982: Come Fly with Me(軽めのピアノ)
Ahmad Jamal 1958.01: Live at the Pershing and the Spotlight Club(Milesの愛した「間」)
Keith Jarrett choice1968.08: Somewhere Before(My Back Pages)
choice1977.02: Tale of Another/ Gary Peacock(Standards Trioの原型)
1983.01: Standards Vol 1
choicechoice1985.07: Standards Vol 2(Moon and Sand)
choice1985.07: Standards Live(Stella by Starlight)
choice1990.04: The Cure(Golden Earrings)
choice1991.10: Bye, Bye, Blackbird(Milesを偲んで)
choicechoiceKeith Jarrett at the Blue Note,The Complete Recordings(枯葉, The Fire within)
choice1999.07: Whisper Not(病癒えて復調おめでとう)
Pete Jolly choice1962.11: And Friends(Alone Together)
1993: Yours Truly
Hank Jones 1955: The Rhythm Section + After Hours Jazz/ Milt Hinton(実直堅実)
choicechoice1977.02: Great Jazz Trio at the Village Vanguard(ピアノジャズの真骨頂)
choice1977.07: Blue and Sentimental(隠れた、、、)
1977.10: KJLH(成熟したGJT)
choice1980.06: Chapter II(3人揃って凄い)
1993.02: Upon Reflection-The Music of Thad Jones
Oliver Jones 1996.03: In Good Company/ Charlie Biddle
Duke Jordan 1955.10: Trio and Quintet(燻し銀)
1987.04: Live(山中湖のペンションで)

 - K -
辛島文夫 choice1977.02: Gathering(スッゲー、と感心)
Stefan Karlsson choice1995.10: Live at Vartan Jazz
Dick Katz 1992.03: 3 Way Play
Geoff Keezer 1992.01: World Music
Wynton Kelly choice1958.01: Wynton Kelly Piano(黒い瞳が)
choice1959.03: Kelly Blue(トリオ曲が3曲)
choice1961.07: Wynton Kelly(枯葉)
1964.03: It's All Right(ギター入り)
Masabumi Kikuchi choice1970.02:Eastwards/ Gary Peacock(最近復刻の名盤)
木住野佳子 1996.03: Photograph
Yancy Korossy 1964: Yancsi Korossy
1969.09: Identification(欧州の真面目ピアノ)
Steve Kuhn choice1990.10: Looking back(新機軸)

 - L -
Andy LaVerne choice1990.10: Standard Eyes(コレも良いよォ)
Hugh Lawson choice1989.08: Casablanca(隠れた、、、)
Michel LeGrand 1968: At Shelly's Manne-Hole(この人のピアノも捨てがたい)
Ramsey Lewis 1965.05: Live(The In-Crowd)
Jan Lundgren 1995.12: New York Calling
2002.01: Charade

 - M -
Harold Mabern choice1989.12: Straight Street(これも満腹保証)
2001.10: Falling in Love with Love
2001.12: Kiss of Fire
Peter Madsen choice1994.12: Three of a Kind(期待を抱かせる)
Gildo Mahones 1990.08: Trio(昔の名前で、、、)
Pete Malinverni 1987.04: Don't Be Shy
1996.06: This Time
Junior Mance choice1959.04: Junior(出世作にして、、、)
choice1960.10: The Soulful Piano of Junior Mance
1961.02: At the Village Vanguard(ライブだけに)
choice1994.07: Softly as in a Morning Sunrise(題名どおり)
1995.03: At Town Hall Vol 1
1997.09: Milestones
Guido Manusardi 1967: Jazz Trios(伊のピアノ)
1995.08: Within
Dodo Marmarosa 1961.05: Dodo Is back(どっこい健在)
Elis Marsalis choice1990.05: Trio(筋目を通した、、、)
Luigi Martinale 2001.09: Sweet Marta
Ronnie Mathews 1975.07: Trip to the Orient
choice1980.03: Song for Leslie(知る人ぞ知る)
choice1988.02: Trio(この味が堪りません)
choice1992.06: Lament for Love(山椒は小粒で)
1995.06: Isla Verde/ Joe Chambers
1997.12: Joy Spring/ 鈴木良雄
Adam Mckowicz 1993.09: My Favorite Things
Marian McPartland choicechoice1978.12: From This Moment on(You and the Night ...)
Brad Mehldau choice1993.10: When I Fall in Love(欧州発の、、、)
choice1996.09: At the Village Vanguard, The Art of the Trio Vol 1(先が楽しみ)
1998.05: Songs: Art of the Trio Vol 3
2000.09: Progression, The Art of the Trio Vol 5
2002.10: Anything Goes
Mulgrew Miller 1991.08: Time and again/ (やっと落ち着きが)
Red Mitchell 1060.04: Good Friday Blues/The Modest Jazz Trio/ (正にModest)
Thelonious Monk choicechoice1952.09: Trio(この人の原点の理解に不可欠)
Tete Montoliu 1965: A Tot Jazz(Teteも登場)
1968.02: Piano for Nuria(テテも頑張る)
1971: Body and Soul(最早一枚看板)
1971: Body and Soul( Enja)
1973: Temas Brasilenos(調子出てます)
1974.05: Catalonian Fire
1974.05: Tete
choicechoice1976.02: Tete a Tete(最高傑作)
1977: Blues for Myself
1979.09: Live at the Keystone Corner
1980.03: I Wanna Talk About You
1980.05: Catalonian Nights, 3
choice1990.10: The Man from Barcelona(お国自慢もの)
1991.06: Spanish Treasure(お国訛りが、、、)
1992.10: Blues for Anna
1995.05: El Gran Senor from Catalonia
1995: Tete Montoliu en la Trompetilla en vivo
1997: Trio
Pat Moran choice1956: This Is (歌入りトリオなら)
1956: The Pat Moran Quartet(同上)
Dick Morgan 1994.01: Drive, Passion, Unpredictable

 - N -
Phineas Newborn Jr. choice1958.11: We Three/ Roy Haynes(知る人ぞ知る)
choice1961.10: A World of Piano(達人の技)
1961.11: The Great Jazz Piano(こっちの方が、、、)

 - O -
Hod O'Brien choice1990.08: Ridin' High(遅咲きのピアノ)
1997.09: So That's How It Is
2004.01: Fanfare
Zoltan Olah (Trio Acoustic) choice1995: Autumn Leaves
1996.03: All of You
2003.01: Gypsy Eyes (ロマの香り
Johnny O'Neal 1996.03: In Good Company/ Charlie Biddle
小曽根真 1986.12: Spring Is here
1995.10: Nature Boy

 - P -
Horace Parlan 1960.02: Movin' and Groovin'(こういう癖アリ物は如何)
1960.04: Us Three
choice1978.11: Blue Parlan(欧州での傑作)
Duke Pearson 1959.12: Tender Feelin's
1961.08: Bag's Groove
Carl Perkins 1955: Introducing(こんな人も居た)
Oscar Peterson choice1961.07: The Trio(正に標題どおり)
1961: The Sound of the Trio(Tricrotism)
1962.01: West Side Story
choice1962.12: Night Train(ピアノトリオの典型)
choice1964.02: Plays(コレも名盤)
choice1964.10: We Get Requests(楽し系、美音系)
1966.12: Soul Espanol
1969: Oscar Peterson
Michel Petrucciani choice1981.04: Michel Petrucciani(ペトさん登場)
choicechoice1982.03: Estate(Estate)
choice1985.12: Pianism(Regina)
1991.11: Live
choice1993: Concerts Inedits(名張ライブ)
Enrico Pieranunzi 1984.02: New Lands(欧州の静か系)
1996.02: The Night Gone by
2000.02: Play Morricone
Bud Powell choice1947.01: The Bud Powell Trio
choice1949: The Complete Bud Powell on Verve(この人の全貌が分かる)
choicechoice1949: The Amazing Bud Powell, Vol 1(BNものではこれが随一)
1953.04: Inner Fires(隠れた名演奏)
1953.05: Charles Mingus Trios(この人の原点)
1953: Birdland 1953 Session(音は悪いが、熱気が堪りません)
1957.08: Bud
choice1958.12: The Scene Changes, The Amazing Bud Powell Vol 5(ジャズ喫茶の定番)
choice1961.12: A Portrait of Thelonious(バドのモンクへの友情)
choice1962: At the Blue Note Cafe, Paris(何は無くともこの熱気)
1962.04: Bouncing with Bud
Andre Previn choice1956.08: And His Friends, 2: My Fair Lady/ Shelly Manne(一世を風靡)

 - R -
Don Randi 1962.12: Last Night
Tom Ranier 1990: The Frank Capp Trio
Renee Rosnes 1995.08: Friends forever/ Niels Pedersen(Drewを偲んで)
Jimmy Rowles 1954: Rare but Well Done
Gonzalo Rubalcaba 1990.07: Trio at Montreux(あれよ、あれよ、、)
choice1991.05: The Blessing(Besame Mucho)

 - S -
Joe Sample choice1975.11: The Three/ (この人の真面目盤)
Michel Sardaby choice1970: Blue Sunset/ (更に追い風)
1970.10: Night Cap(西インド諸島の風)
1989.10: Going Places(何処へ、、、)
choice1990.08: Night Blossom(このペーソスに脱帽)
Stafan Scaggiari choice1993.04: Stefanitely
Rob Schneiderman choice1992.08: Standards(手堅く)
Shirley Scott 1991.11: Skylark
Stephen Scott 1997.01: The Bass and I/ Ron Carter
Renato Sellani 2001.02: Per Bruno Martino
Vladimir Shafranov choice1981.06: Live at Groovy/ (かなりなもの)
2003.09: Russian Lullaby(いやぁ、くつろげます)
Horace Silver choice1952.10: Trio(なるほど人気が出たはず、と納得の演奏)
Norman Simmons 1979.09: Midnight Creeper(歌伴ばかりじゃぁ)
Derek Smith choice1978.10: Love for Sale/ (べらんめぇ)
Paul Smith 2000.05: Jazz on Broadway/
Frank Strazzeri 1989.11: Little Giants
1991.05: Frank and Esoteric
菅野邦彦 choice1973.03: Blow up/ 鈴木 勲(美音)
choice1974.03: Blue City/ 鈴木 勲(Play Fidle, Play)
choice1974.03: Love Is a Many Splendored Thing(この人のライブは凄い)
1975.11: In Concert(隠れた、、、)

 - T -
田村翼 choicechoice1977.07: Ballad for Hamp(処女作にして最高傑作)
1979.08: You and Me(何と言う切れ味)
choice1980.08: Sweet AMAMI(奄美のペーソス)
1981.04: Blue Wing(快調)
Jacky Terasson 1994: I Love Paris
Eddie Thompson 1970.12: Piano Moods
Bobby Timmons 1960.01: This here Is Bobby Timmons(これも)
1961.10: In Person(ライブでの反応が面白い)
Lennie Tristano 1955: Lennie Tristano + The New Tristano(こういうのもアリ)
Mickey Tucker choice1978.06: Early Summer in Tokyo/ Takashi Mizuhashi(ゴンさんの傑作)
Richard Twardzik 1953: Russ Freeman/ Richard Twardzik Trio(山椒は小粒で、、、)
McCoy Tyner 1962: Inception + Nights of Ballads and Blues(さぁ、独立したゾ)
choicechoice1977.04: Super Trios(調子出まくり)
1980: What's New
1987.06: Summertime
1989.05: Live at Sweet Basil Vol 2(豪腕ピアノ)
1997.09: Plays John Coltrane, Live at the Village Vanguard

 - V -
Maurice Vander 1961: Jazz at the Blue Note(欧州ジャズにも熱気が)
1989.12: Bass an Bosses/ Pierre Michelot

 - W -
Randy Waldman 2000.12: Wood/ Brian Bromberg
Mal Waldron choice1960: Left alone(この黒さ、重さは何だ)
choice1969.11: Free at Last(欧州定住の地で)
1981.06: News/ Run about Mal(Standard集)
Cedar Walton choice1977.06: Something for Lester/ Ray Brown(質の高い演奏)
1986.10: Up Front
1988.03: Standard Album
choice1991.02: My Funny Valentine(ジャズの真骨頂)
1992.12: Manhattan Afternoon(ヴェテランの妙味)
Klaus Weiss 1966.09: Greensleeves
Gerry Wiggins 1977.02: Excuse me, Ludwig/ Major Holly
1995.08: Soulidarity
James Williams 1987.06: Magical Trio 1
1997.09: Awesome
John Williams 1955.06:Trio
Calude Williamson 1956.12: 'Round Midnight(コレも人気がある)
1978: Blues in Front(どっこい、もう一度)
1994.06: El Noche de Espana
1990.01: Standards 2
choice1995.03: Live at the Jazz Bakery(何だ元気じゃない)
Jack Wilson 1967: At Pied Piper/ Ike Isaacs(隠れた、、、)
choice1993.06: In New York(大事にしたい)
John Wright choice1960.08: South Side Soul(日本人には出来ない)
1962.04: Mr.Soul
1994.06: Wright Changes and Choices
Richard Wyands 1978.10: Then, here and now
choice1995.06: Reunited(枯れた美音)
choice1996.10: Get out of Town(気は若いと言うとるじゃろうが)

 - Y -
山本剛 1974.03: Midnight Sugar(剛登場)
choice1974.08: Misty(この人も絶好調)
1974.12: Live at the Misty(ライブも良い)
1974.12: Blues for Tee(コレもライブ)
1975.12: Girl Talk(美音)
choice1976.02: Black Orpheus/鈴木 勲(黒いオルフェ)
1976.05: Summertime(大由がスゴイ)
1977.07: Satin Doll

 - Z -
Denny Zeitlin choice1965.03: Live at the Trident(これもなかなか)
1997.12: As Long as there's Music

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