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Porgy and Bess/ Miles Davis
Porgy and Bess/ Miles Davis
基本蒐集盤 50年代等の古典

Sony CK40647
1 The Buzzard Song
2 Bess, You Is My Woman
3 Gone
4 Gone, Gone, Gone
5 Summertime
6 Bess, Oh, Where's My Bess
7 Prayer (Oh Doctor Jesus)
8 Fisherman, Starwberry and Devil Crab
9 My Man's Gone now
10 It Ain't necessarily so
11 Here Come de Honey Man
12 I Loves You Porgy
13 There's a Boat That's Leaving soon for New York

Miles Davis tp, flh
Louis R. Mucci, Ernie Royal, John Coles, Bernie Glow tp
Jimmy Cleveland, Joseph Bennett, Richard Hixon, Frank J. Rehak tb
Julian Adderly, Daniel B. Banks sax
Willie Ruff, Julius B. Watkins, Gunther Schuller frh
Philip Bodner, Romeo M. Penque fl
John Bill Barber tuba
Paul Chambers b
Philly Joe Jones ds
Recorded in Jul-Aug 1958
アランフェスの方は散々聞いたので、これを掛けると新鮮で素直で心地よい。このミュージカルPORGY AND BESSは名曲が多いので、あきることが無い。それにしても、この時期のギルとMiles Davisの共同作業の質の高さはどうだ。
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